Welcome to Oshi's Cosplay Store

Selling my old costumes and other items, because I'm pretty much retired from the hobby and broke as hell.


2013-08-23: Rest of my fabric inventory is finally up, over 70 more items! And I'm continuing 10% off all costumes if you choose in-person pickup, no discount code needed, it'll do it automatically. Only available for the Philadelphia area and New Jersey.

2013-08-03: Few more costumes added, lots of stuff in gaming and misc, and all my fleece inventory (still have to add more of my fabric though).

But the biggest thing, special promotion: 10% off any Costumes if you can pick it up in person Friday at Otakon with coupon code BCCPICKUP!
(It doesn’t show up through the checkout process, but I promise it definitely takes the 10% off when the order goes through)

2013-07-15: The store is live! Missing a couple photos, but I have all my initial batch of costumes up. However, I plan on posting up just about every single cosplay I have up here. I also still need to go through my fabric inventory, hopefully most of that shall be up tomorrow.